The Singing Boatman Has Left The River

Boquillas Canyon I

Boquillas Canyon in Big Bend National Park will never be the same for me; Victor “Victorio” Valdez, who was better known as the “Singing Boatman”, has left the canyon forever.  The news says he died from heart failure.  I can’t imagine anyone having a better heart than Victor; he helped people in his very poor village and always seemed happy to greet the gringos that hiked down to the river’s edge:

The hateful rhetoric filling up the airwaves, the internet, the nightly news… that is not the reality of the people in Big Bend. When putting a face and a name to “those people” – it’s obvious a lot of Americans need educating and an attitude adjustment.  We all want good lives for our children.  We all seek a more peaceful and just world. Our neighbors in Mexico have the same dreams and aspirations.

Victor was a gentle soul; I will miss hearing his big voice welcoming me back to the canyon.





2 thoughts on “The Singing Boatman Has Left The River”

  1. Sorry to hear about Victor’s death. I was unfamiliar with him but enjoyed the video and his singing. Beautiful view of the Rio Grande in Big Bend, one of many Texas areas I’ve never visited. Yes, there are a lot of wicked vicious words directed at a people and situations so many of the outspoken do not appreciate or understand — as usual, singling out the actions of a few to condemn the many.

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